Ron Hankison Consulting

Ron Hankison Consulting

Consultant to the Information Technology Industry


Over 20 years of professional management experience in Software Development with particular expertise in:

Ron Hankison Consulting

Software Development Industry Trends and Directions
Hardware and Software technologies Strategic Planning
Software Product Architectures Product Marketing
Ron Hankison Consulting

A proven Industry leader with the ability to comprehend complex technologies and issues quickly, able to set goals, provide vision and strategy. A decision maker who communicates ideas easily with clarity. Focusing on providing high technology problem solving across a broad range of development, industry, and process issues.

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Offering a Broad Range of consulting services:

Technical Studies Product Management Market Studies Management
Product Architecture Program Audits New Product Oppor. Organizational Review
Technology Review Development Process Opportunity Validation Partnerships/Relationships
Product Design Product Evaluation Product Marketing Technology Transfer
Competitive Analysis Software Dev. Projects Market Support Plans Trends & Directions
Ron Hankison Consulting

Recent Client work:

  • Evaluated market potential of Mainframe Access Product.
  • Conducted market opportunity study for Embedded Systems vendor.
  • Conducted development process and quality assessment for large OO software developer.
  • Developed product architecture for advance image capture framework.
  • Provided Image market segment technology & requirements outlook.
  • Performed market segment requirement and opportunity analysis.
  • Established business relationship between Image technology vendor and IBM.

Possible Business relationships:

  • Principal -- Ron Hankison Enterprise LLC

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